Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little Mix at Hard Rock Cafe in NYC

Hi!  This is Cami and this is my first blog post.  I'm 13 years old.  I love music and going to concerts. I have been on homebound school for the past year due to constant stomach pain.  Going to concerts and meet and greets takes my mind off the pain for at least a little bit :)  
Twist Magazine was giving away tickets to see the British girl band  Little Mix at Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. Little Mix won X Factor in the UK in 2011.  I sent Twist magazine an email to see if they had extra tickets and they responded "Yes."  I was beyond excited!  We took the train to NYC and headed to the Hard Rock.  When we got there we stood in a long line with other fans.  Once inside we ran to the stage area.  Little Mix came on stage to lots of screaming fans!  J-14 asked them a bunch of questions and one was "What's your hidden talent?"  Perrie said she could do a goat impression and Jade did an impression of a baby.  They were hilarious!  Little Mix then sang a few songs including my favorite "Going Nowhere".  They were AMAZING!!!!!!  I can't wait until they come back to the US.  Their voices are beautiful and they have great harmonies!  Here are some photos my mom(Betsy Brody) took of them.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

My photography blog

My blog will be changing a bit and will include posts from my beautiful and talented daughter Cami.  She has been blogging on her own site and has interviewed a few celebrities.  We decided today to collaborate and put the two together on my photography blog.  I've always loved doing concert photography and pre children I did a lot of concert coverage.  My daughter has had health problems since March 2012 and has had constant stomach pain.  After a year of tests we finally have a diagnosis and she is now on medication and hopefully on the road to recovery.  She hasn't been in school since last March due to the constant pain.  I took her to a lot of concerts before she got sick and we continued the tradition this past year.  Keeping busy and seeing her favorite singers takes her mind off the pain for at least an hour or two. We have stayed positive this past year by doing the things we love which include the concerts, photography, drawing......lots of drawing :), laughing, keeping in touch with family and friends and meeting new people.  Cami will be writing a blog of her afternoon in NYC in July meeting her twitter friends. We will start from some recent concerts and meet and greets and maybe we'll post some photos from past ones also.  Some upcoming blogs will be about Little Mix, Panda Ross, R5, Shane Harper, Cody Simpson and more.  We hope we can get some subscribers for our blog so please help us and pass this along to all your friends :)